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Textile Products
Indian Crafts - Textile Products
History of Textile Products

The textile manufactures of Bengal were firmly established as articles of commerce at least 2000 year ago. Every town and almost every village had its looms.This work is basically carried on by joint families belonging to the Kayastha caste of Hindus.
Fine Art
Traditional Shantipur sari borders or paars have picturesque names like bhomra, bumble bee, tabij, amulet, ardh-chandra (half moon), phool, flower, chand-mala, garland of moons, etc. In some special nilambaris, the borders were fringed with silver zari stars. The pallavas were decorated with stripes of different thickness called sajanshoi, in colour complementary to those of the border.
In Jamdani the pattern of design drawn on paper is pinned beneath the warp threads. As the weaving proceeds, the designs are worked in like embroidery. When the weft thread approaches close to where a flower or other figure has to be inserted, the weaver takes up one of a set of bamboo needles round each of which is wrapped yarn of a different colour as needed for the design. As every weft or wool thread passes through the warp, he sews down the intersected portion of the pattern with one or another of the needles as might be required and so continues till the pattern is completed. When the pattern is continuous and regular, a master weaver generally dispenses with the aid of paper patterns.
Basic Material : Thread, muslin cloth, cotton cloth, cloths of muga, wood blocks.
Decorative Material : Motifs dyed cotton silk, alt silk, viscose yarn, gold and silver zari
Colouring Material : Colours
Sarees, scarf, handkerchief, shawl, waste cloth coverlet.

Indian Crafts : History of Textile Products