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History of Sholapith

The Malakars, literally garland makers, who traditionally dress and decorate the puja images, belongs to one of the nine original craft castes. Traditionally, they were gardners and makers of floral decorations. Now they work in sola, a very light marsh reed with a soft white pith about an inch and a half in diameter the material from which the now almost extinct shola topics of our colonial past were made.
Fine Art
Sholapith is utilised in Bengal as art decorations. Malakars are the artisans who transform the soft, light & lustrous inner portion of the herbaceous plant. Their most masterly work is decorating the big dities festivals like Durga festival. Durga wears a huge headgear with lavish and elaborate designs. The crown is made in paper pulp wih the pith decoration fixed on it. A large variety of flowers are made of shola.
The stalk is cut into cylindrical pieces whose outer layer is peeled off leaving the white core. It is then pared and turned into a sheet. Dozen of such sheets are rolled in one to make a consolidated roll. This roll is than tied tightly at both the ends into two. On the cut side V-shaped indentations are made with a sharp-knife. These sides are dipped in colour solutions, then dried.
Basic Material : Paper pulp
Colouring Material : Colour solution
sharp-edged knife, pair of scissor, mould
Garlands, decorative fans, dolls, animals, birds, images of gods & goddesses, flowers, crown for gods & goddesses

Indian Crafts : History of Sholapith