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Indian Crafts >> Pure-wool Shawls Blanket
Pure-wool Shawls Blanket
History of Pure-wool Shawls Blanket

Weaving without ornamentation is an age-old tradition in U.P. hills, which are without Almora tweeds are now worn in whole of North India. The pure-wool shawls blanket from hilly areas of Uttar Pradesh specially Almora and Nainital are reputed for their warmth, softness and subtle beauty.
Fine Art
Sheep with thick fleece are raised in the higher mountains of Uttar Pradesh. The wool is spun by men and women in long winter seasons.This provides bothwarmth and softness. Panki is used as a wrap around with fur touching the body.These shawls and blankets are sold in the local market and through outlets of the khadi and Village Industries Commission. The pashmina weaving is not as fine as in Kashmir but has it own softness, warmth and grace. Panki is heavy shawl with hair on one side. Thulma has hair on left sides.
Twill weave and plain weave techniques are used for weaving. Traditionally, soothing natural vegetable colours were used in shades of yellow, orange, brown and grey. Currently, synthetic colours are also used. They are woven using 2 to 4 ply hand spun yarns in 10 sq. /13 sq. count with plain, twill or diamond weaves and simple geometrical designs. The softness of the end product is achieved through the hand-finishing processes without use of any mechanised equipment.
Basic Material : Sheep wool, pashmina, angoora merino wool, Australian wool.
Decorative Material : Dye.
Rough loom, Shawls- single ranch, khara ranch.
Panki (shawls), thulma, chutka (quilts), daun (mattress).

Indian Crafts : History of Pure-wool Shawls Blanket