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Patch Work
Indian Crafts - Patch Work
History of Patch Work

Bishanpur village, inhabited by Tharu tribe is situated near the Indo-Nepal borders in Uttar Pradesh. Although agriculture is the main occupation of the Tharu tribe, they also decorate cloth with tribal patterns which can be called as patch work.Now they have evolved their age old tribal art into various types of handicraft products which have acclaimed world wide attention. Tharu cloth has always been a symbol of manifestation and patch work is a symbol of verification. Over the years, tribal colors are used in various compositions in products.
Fine Art
Mainly geometrical, floral, and animal motifs are lined with colourful borders. Base colour is either pastel or earthen in contrast with patchwork. Black and white patches are popular.
A fabric is cut according to the size of the product to be made. A pattern is traced on the fabric which is in contrast to the ground fabric. The pattern is cut and stitched on the base fabric.
Basic Material : Cotton fabric, organza.
Decorative Material : Fabric of contrast colour to the ground fabric.
Needle, scissors.
Bed sheets, table covers, cushion covers, Women wear, dupattas, kurtas, jackets, Office/room accessories, lampshades

Indian Crafts : History of Patch Work