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Metal Craft
History of Metal Craft

Indian metal craft plays an important part in the religious and community life of people. Metal workers occupy a high position in the society.Rajasthan is known for its traditional art metal ware. Brass ware chased, enamelled and engraved are the specialty here
Fine Art
The items made are spice boxes, rose - water sprinklers known as gulabposh, caskets, hukkas, which are ornamented with spirited figures of birds and animals, dance poses, and hunting scenes in the midst of foliage. The objects like eating plates, tumblers, water pots, are left plain to show to perfection the chaste elegance of their lines. The silver furniture pieces, especially legs for beds and dewans, swings with silver chains whose links are sculptured pieces. The brazier, is the beautiful item, which is embossed or pierced with fine chiseled shapes.
The metal part to be enameled is engraved or blocked out and the enamel dust of the requisite colour is poured into the groves formed. After it, this is placed in a red hot furnace which melts the dust and the coloured liquid gets diffused equally. Then it is burnished with a wet stone resembling blue copper. The other method is to fasten the wires by gum or impinged or welded to the surface. Enameling is also done by painting the surface with a silicate of fusible paint after little heating for melting the colours.
Basic Material : Brass, copper, tin.
Colouring Material : Colours
Furnace, gum, paint
Plates, tumblers, water pots, silver furniture pieces, spice boxes, gulabposh, figures of birds & animals, dance poses, hunting scenes.

Indian Crafts : History of Metal Craft