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Indian Crafts >> Lakshmi Casket
Lakshmi Casket
History of Lakshmi Casket

It is one of the oldest crafts and Bengals very own tradition in creating everyday and fairy articles.
Fine Art
The famous Lakshmi casket is double walled, cane inside, and bamboo twill work outside. This is generally covered with a red cloth on which seven decorations like floral designs are worked out of small shells. There are oval boxes, oblong jhimpis and flower baskets called phulsajis. These are beautifully decorated with floral, figured and geometrical patterns using coloured strands as also accessories such as shells, beads etc.
The coil is fixed to another by sewing strips. In this there are two main varieties; the simple over coil where each stitch passes over the new portion of the foundation coil below, the other is where the figure of eight is worked . Here the stitch passes behind up, over and down under the preceding coil and right over the new coil. The fixing of the coil is done with bamboo splints. There is quite a wide variety in the coiled articles, ranging from rough storage jars to very elegant jewellery boxes. Plaited basketry is made by crossing two or more sets of warps and wefts. In this the main varieties are chequer where each strand passes alternately over and under two or more warp produced by varying widths. Where the warp and the weft are of different colours, a chequer board pattern is formed. In twill work, the weft passes over and under two or more warps, producing diverse varieties of diaper patterns using coloured strands.
Basic Material : Bamboo, cane, reeds, grasses, palm leaves, screw pine, moonj grass, flexible latas (Geepes), coils.
Decorative Material : Leaf, gold lace, tinsel gold or silver spangles
Colouring Material : Colours
Spinning wheel, long fine stick
Maslond, Panthi, writing pad covers, bags, cushion cover, petaras (oval boxes), jhampis (caskets of oblong shape), phul sajis (flower basket), mathals (sumhats), Calumis (sieves)

Indian Crafts : History of Lakshmi Casket