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Indian Crafts >> Lac Jewellery
Lac Jewellery
Indian Crafts - Lac Jewellery
History of Lac Jewellery

Jewellery making in India is most distinctive highly artistic and elaborate craft. The simple motifs are brought from the immediate environment and developed into artistic and stylish patterns. Apart from metal, lac is extensively used for making attractive ornaments. Lac is a resinous substance produced by a female Lac insect and found abundantly in the plain forests in India
Fine Art
Lac jewellery largely bangles are worn on all auspicious occasions as a sign of good omen. Some bangle are plain, other are studded with glass pieces, bright stones, beads, etc. The designs on the plain bangle are the traditional lahariya (wavy) or zigzag. But in the ornamental ones there are many varieties, like patta and phooldar (floral). They are also set with salma, patri etc.
The natural lac sticks are mixed with colours to prepare coloured lac sticks. The sticks are slowly heated on charcoal fire simultaneously beating with wooden spatula and routed after forming the required length of coil. It is cut from the main stick and all the ends are joined together to give it round shape. It is further put on a circular wooden beam and slipped through various heights for different sizes. After removing it from the circular rot it is decorated with glass pieces, beads etc.
Basic Material : Glass beads, metal beads, glue, varnish, tin foil
Colouring Material : Lac colours
Wooden spatula
Lac ornaments, bangles.

Indian Crafts : History of Lac Jewellery