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Indian Crafts >> Kantha Embroidery
Kantha Embroidery
Indian Crafts - Kantha Embroidery
History of Kantha Embroidery

Bengal textiles can be traced back to the first and second centuries A D. through the ancient Greek work. The Periplus and the writings of Ptolemy which mention the great ports of Tamralipta, the present day Tamluk in the district of Midnapore, and Ganga, through which the fine cotton textile of Bengal were exported to the ancient world.
Fine Art
There are varieties in Kantha to serve different purposes. The thick lep is a warm winter cover, the casfin, large and rectangular, for ceremonial purposes. The baytom, for wrapping up book, valuables etc., has squares with wide borders of rows of figures, human and animals with a lotus in the centre and floral patterns in the corners or when used as pillow cover, it has longitudinal border palters.
The Kantha embroidery of West Bengal has for its base discarded sarees piled on top of one another and quilted. The thread for the stitches is drawn from the old saree borders. The design is first traced, then covered over with running stitches. Kantha, has limitless designs, for every woman who works on it can make almost any innovations that she fancies. But some basic traditional designs usually figure in the work. Another style of Kantha has a border with a repeat design done in darning stitch giving it almost a weave. A good bit of Kantha is done in white thread on a white background. To bread the monotony of this perhaps, use is made of open work by drawing out threads or pulled stitches and pierced hole, that is cut ornamentation.
Basic Material : Thread, white thread.
Sarees, scarfs, shawls, suits, dupattas.

Indian Crafts : History of Kantha Embroidery