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Horn Articles
Indian Crafts - Horn Articles
History of Horn Articles

This is a traditional craft of Orissa. At Parlakhemedi in the district of Ganjam, the craft was established under the patronage of the local rajas in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Fine Art
Horn articles of Orissa are mystical and are blended with a superb fashion design. They make stylised birds and animals which seem so alive,cranes for instance, look as though if they opened their beaks, they could talk; or the birds appear to be twittering; or the tiger seems just about to jump on you.Little touches of silver filigree are added to the horn article to give it an unusual look, also to items like bangles, perfume jars.
A portion of horn is kept moist with oil and heated before a fire until it becomes almost as soft. It is then worked or pressed into the required form, either with the hands or by means of moulds made of hard wood. Then it is finished off with scraping tools and small lathe. It remains to polish the whole and ornaments parts of it with simple but graceful designs. The ornamentation is done in line with a fine graving tool.
Basic Material : Oil, polish, file, saw, wooden mould, buffalo horn, cow horn, small lathe
Combs, tobacco pipes, crabs, cranes, prawns, elephant, fighting bulls, ash-trays, cigarette cases, pen stands, jewellery, toy furniture

Indian Crafts : History of Horn Articles