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Hand Block Printing
Indian Crafts - Hand Block Printing
History of Hand Block Printing

Philkuwa, a small town of Ghaziabad is famous for its textile industry. Initially the craftsmen were involved in making various blocks for printing and as the block printing industry suffered a set back,the screen printing industry replaced a large part of the block printing industry. Also the block makers started making the blocks with the brass sheets engraved into the wooden handle. These blocks had the longer shelf life. Consequently the demand for the wooden blocks decreased in the market so craftsmen turned to manufacturing of utility articles in wood.
Fine Art
Hand block printing has been a flourishing industry in various parts of Uttar Pradesh.The designs are printed by the wooden/ metallic blocks, which are manufactured at Farukhabad and Pilkhuwa in Ghaziabad. Animal, bird and human figures along with the floral and the geomtric patterns are the main designs.
Well seasoned shisham wood is cut into the required size of the object to be made. Design is traced on the object with the aid of a small tipni (iron needle). The design tracing is engraved on wood by a iron kalam. Brass wire, which is beaten into thin sheets, is filled into the grooves of the engraving, if required. Thus engraving, carving and inlay are done together on a single object.
Basic Material : Shisham wood.
Decorative Material : Brass.
Tipni (iron needle), hammer, chisel, saw, file, nails, hurges
Blocks for printing in various sizes and designs, utility and decorative boxes

Indian Crafts : History of Hand Block Printing