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Gold And Silver Products
Indian Crafts - Gold And Silver Products
History of Gold And Silver Products

Varanasi recently known as Banaras is one of the ancient city of India. It has been famous for arts, culture, religion and learning since ancient time. It is believed that the sacred piece of Shiva Linga as per the myth of Shiv Purana had fallen in the this city. Thus, it is one of the most sacred cities of India for Shebaits.
Fine Art
The thin silver/gold sheets are used to ornate wood and lac ornaments worn by the performers and also to decorate the smiths.
The piece of gold/silver, which is required to be turned into panna or warak (metal leave), is placed between the pages of the daftar (gold leave beating book). The book contains nearly 300 pokes of jilli (shapes scarf skin) which lies just below wool. Jilli is treated with a variety of herbal, dried and cut into pages. Generally, the thick skins are used for silver beating books and thin skins for gold beating. Once bound in book forms are rubbed with chuna (lime). Silver/gold leaves placed between all pages and the book is put into a leather case and tied with a string. This book is placed on a flat stone slab and hammered with mogra (heavy hammer) for 3-4 days. It is estimated that about 1,50,000 strokes with hammer are required to expand the sheet into thin leaf form.
Basic Material : Gold/ silver foil.
Colouring Material : Chuna (lime).
Mogra (heavy hammer), daftar (gold leave beating book)
Gold and silver coil (leaf).

Indian Crafts : History of Gold And Silver Products