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Gold Jewellery
Indian Crafts - Gold Jewellery
History of Gold Jewellery

The tradition of making jewellery in pure gold without mixing an alloy is age old in Uttar Pradesh hills. Now a days this tradition is slowly changing. Men and women from the hills are now wearing gold jewellery in 22/18 carat.
Fine Art
The traditional belief in U.P. hills was that a woman could accumulate wealth through her gold jewellery possessions. Therefore, it was customary to retain the purity of gold in the jewellery presentations. The traditional jewellers are skilled in making jewellery of 24 ct. gold. Another class of artisans, the Patuas have skill of making chareyu,the mangalsutra which is made with special skill and profusion. Interestingly the ashtadhatu ring i.e. ring made by an alloy of eight metals is made by a lohar,the iron smith.
The gold jewellery in this region is made generally with 24 ct. gold. The sheets of gold are prepared by melting the metal. The gold leaf is beaten to give desired shape, which is embossed with floral and geometrical bold motifs, such as harvested wheat or lotus. The leaf is rounded in desired shape and filled with lac to give it a three dimensional effect.
Basic Material : Gold, silver, brass
Decorative Material : Glass beads, gems feroza, moonga)
Nath (nose ring), mulara (ear rings worn by males), dhagula (silver bracelets), sutta (rings for children), pajeb, gulband (necklace), chareyu (mangalsutra of black beads and gold pieces)

Indian Crafts : History of Gold Jewellery