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Glass Beads Articles
Indian Crafts - Glass Beads Articles
History of Glass Beads Articles

Archaeological discoveries in India reveal the existence of glass in very ancient times. It is believed that glass of that period was made out of crushed crystal. The very beautiful articles of superb quality made in olden times is an evidence of perfect skill. It is one of the most beautiful materials contrived by man.
Fine Art
Glass beads articles include necklaces, earrings, rings, belts, bands of necklaces, head bands, mostly of white, red and black colour, worn by tribal women particularly Abhjumad Narias of all ages. Craftsman now also combine glass beads with other materials like wood shell, rudraksha, copper and white metal to produce more attractive designs.
The process is described as consisting of a wheel with a wooden roller fastened into a head at one end, working on an iron spindle at each end. It is further screwed and fitted with a nut, by which the cutting or grinding wheel can be made faster. The lap wheel was made of two circular discs, a copper one for polishing the hard object and a wooden one for the softer stone. It is spun backward and forward by a bow, the string passing round the roller.
Basic Material : Copper, white metal, wood, glass beads
Colouring Material : Red, black & white
Iron spindler, axle, lap wheel
Necklaces, earrings, rings, belts, wood shells, rudraksha, neck-bands, heads-bands

Indian Crafts : History of Glass Beads Articles