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Copper And Bronze Ware
History of Copper And Bronze Ware

The craft is very old as is suggested by the archaeological evidence. This art is practised here since 2nd millenium B.C. Copper and bronze were the earliest non-ferrors metals used. The use of alloys obtained by varying the composition & combination of metals seems to have been in wide practice.
Fine Art
For domestic utensils incised designs are resorted to the patterns which are floral or geometrical. The commonest motifs being fish, bird figures, Gods & Goddesses. The incising is carried outwith small chisels used to make the dotted or unbroken lines which go to form the design.
The articles are made either by cire-perdue process or by hammering. For the latter method of manufacture, the metal is melted in a clay cruciable over a wood or charcoal fire. When molten the metal is poured into moulds and cooled with the use of salt water. This ingot is again heated and beaten into sheets over iron anvils. The sheet is then cut into smaller sizes. Each piece is again heated and hammered. This annealing and hammering of the metal with different kinds of hammers is continued until the sheet takes the form desired. The article may then be finished with chisels and files. It is finally polished with jute or coconut fibres soaked in oil. When the pieces have to be soldered together, pan is used which consists of scrap brass and borax.
Basic Material : Copper, brass, bell metal
Colouring Material : Polish
chisel, file
Thalis, tumblers, kitchenware, waterpitchers, kalasi, ghati, puspapatras, pancapradips, ghantas (bells), Kosa, kusi, tamrakunda, saji

Indian Crafts : History of Copper And Bronze Ware