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Ceramic Craft
Indian Crafts - Ceramic Craft
History of Ceramic Craft

Potters wheel was the first machine which man invented for a productive purpose. According to a legend, pottery came into existence during the churning of the ocean, when the God needed a vessel to keep the nectar. Thus Vishvakarma, the celestial artificer, had moulded a pot. This tradition is as old as five millennia.
Fine Art
Ceramic craft was introduced in Chinhat in 1957, after opening of Ceramic unit by Planning Research and Action institute, this unit also imparted training to potters. In 1970, it was handed over to U.P. Small Industries Corporation Ltd. and converted to commercial cum facility centre. Chinhat pottery has unique tradition of decorating the object prior to firing.
A mixture of clay and water in ratio of 1:3 is kept in the plaster of paris mould. A variety of such moulds are made before hand for different shapes, forms and sizes. The mould absorbs water in 30-45 minutes. The formed object is taken out and dried. Knife is used for further shaping and simultaneously smoothening by dipping in water. The form is painted with ceramic colour and dipped in a glaze solution of iron oxide, barium oxide, borax, marble powder etc. Finally after drying, it is fired in a close furnace at 1150 degree Celsius.
Basic Material : Quartz, felspar, bikaneri clay, Ahemdabad clay, raj mahal clay, fire clay, coal for baking
Colouring Material : Zinc oxide, copper oxide, borax, barium-arbonate; ceramic colours
Brush, knife, mould
Flower vessels, table lamps, tea-coffee sets, mug sets dinner sets, toys, wall plates, trays, candle stand etc.

Indian Crafts : History of Ceramic Craft