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Indian Crafts >> Carved Walnut Wood-work
Carved Walnut Wood-work
Indian Crafts - Carved Walnut Wood-work
History of Carved Walnut Wood-work

Scenes from the epics, particularly from the battlefield, forest and palaces are the themes for wood carving in India since ages. The tradition reached its excellence between 1420 and 1470, when king Zain-ul-Abadin built his capital which testified to the richness of this heritage.
Fine Art
The Kashmiri craftsman, however, rejoices in carving intricate and varied designs based on lively natural forms. A variety of carved products bear recurrent motifs of the rose, lotus and iris, bunches of grapes or pears and chinar leaves. Lhasa dragon motifs and pattans taken from Kani and embroidered shawls all find their place in wooden objects with deep relief carving.
Carved walnut wood-work is among the most important crafts of Kashmir. The wood is hard and durable, its close grain and even texture facilitating fine and detailed work. It also presents visually interesting effects with mere plain polished surfaces. Thin sheets of wood, are held together by double-grooved battens. The wooden sheets are cut into geometric shapes using a template to ensure that the pieces can be interchanged. These modules are fitted into the grooves of the battens and a repeat pattern is built up.
Basic Material : Walnut wood, cedar, chinar leaf, deodar wood.
Decorative Material : water lilies, floral sprays, wax polish.
bowls, trays, jewellery, boxes, candle holders, pedestal, table lamps, screens & tables, cup-boards, cabinets, bowls, kitchen implements, spinning wheel, toys, lamps, vases

Indian Crafts : History of Carved Walnut Wood-work