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Batik Sarees
Indian Crafts - Batik Sarees
History of Batik Sarees

This craft went from the Coromandel coast to south east Asia which in turn developed its own designs and really came to be known to the world. Batik is a Javanese work which means wax painting. It later came to be revived in Shantiniketan, near Calcutta, and has now gone all over the country and is practised every where.
Fine Art
Multi - coloured and beautifully designed batik sarees are popular and attractive for their contrast colour schemes. The charm of batik lies in each piece being individualistic and a fresh creation.
Batik is a resist process in which the fabric is painted with molten wax and then dyed in cold dyes. The surface of a finely woven fabric has melted bee wax and paraffin applied with a brush as a resist to block the parts which are not to be dyed or meant to be in light shader. After this it is then immersed in a cold dye which colours the back ground. The other remaining parts are dyed, part by part, shutting off the ones not to be covered. In the final stage, the entire fabric is cleared of wax with boiling water and soap. As the fabric is handled in the process the wax coating breaks up into a kind of irregular network of thin hair - like cracks through which the dye finds its way and creates involuntarily a design of its own which gives the fabric a fresh added quality and enhances its attractiveness.
Basic Material : Molten wax, bees wax, paraffin, boiled water, soap
Colouring Material : Cold dye
Sarees, dress material, bed sheets, lungis, dupattas

Indian Crafts : History of Batik Sarees